British Party & movie night 6b

We, class 6b, had an English party on Thursday, July 20th. We played many games and had yummy food. There were six groups. Each group had organised a game and an English meal.

We played “capture the flag”, a game where you must capture the flag of the other team. Then we ate sandwiches and played a round of the “yes/no/maybe challenge”. After that we played “Simon says” and “Dobble” while having a snack of the cookies. Then some of us cooked fish&chips and chicken nuggets. In the meantime we played “trip to England”, it’s the same as “Reise nach Jerusalem”, and “opposite”; a game you always have to do the opposite of what the game-masters say.

In the end we ate fish&chips and the chicken nuggets as main course and donuts and popcorn for dessert while we were watching the film “Harry Potter and the philiosopher’s stone which was very exciting.

(by Anabel Eymann Tung and Tamia Keyser)